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Ruwaida Abd

Ruwaida Abd is a Canadian author who studied and who, like her character in the book ‘Ishtar,’ was born in Iraq.

From her latest published book “Ishtar” (2021), the author picked “No one is able to handle death,” as one of her favorite quotes. Indeed, though doom is everyone else’s finale, it’s a truth most of us hope is fictional. In life’s reality, you’ll lose people you hope you can always keep. It’ll wreak havoc in your heart, but you can’t turn back time. What remains is for you to start again.

In Ruwaida’s easy-to-follow book, with just ten chapters, be ready to love and find out how a story that proved love sees no bounds unfolds when a tragic fate mediates between their bond. At the end of the book, ask yourself the question, is love truly boundless?


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