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Whispers from Within


I waited in the rain for you, but you never showed. All I wanted to do was love you and you left me alone. There’s no world without you and the pain that I always hear. Never thought I’d say this but I can’t believe I missed you. I don’t know you anymore and you don’t know me, the world separated us a long time ago. The heartache that I have and that day will never go, the trust that I once had for mortals has left his hand as well. To come to this planet to seek love from someone else. An angel I was but now I’m a demon. My Lord and Savior left me in the world trapped and alone. Forgive me my Lord for I am truly a lost angel. I cannot say without a reasonable doubt if however, I am free of my torment. The love that I had for someone vanished a long time ago. If you can hear my prayers, please don’t listen to me. For by the time, you read my words I’ve already fallen, I once played the trumpet for my Lord. I once guided souls to the afterlife but now I’m a former shadow of what I was. And the rain I wait to hear that I’m always looking down always at this phone, no one will ever know what I was before now I’m trapped and then in this cycle of despair. I cannot pray for I cannot be free. I once was an angel but am now a demon trapped inside. What life could be without me is the world that I wish to whisper would die. A lot of us come here seeking to help the world but can never escape truly. For there are no heroes for there are no villains. You follow us and listen to our tales but you listen to the wrong ones. Perhaps someday I could truly be free but I do not know whether God will take me back or not. Do I fear going to hell no, my brothers and sisters have all gone before me as well I guess I’m close to the edge? And truly to that point of no return.


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