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Saving the African American Community from Violence


Kenneth N. Moore is a 60 yrs. old single father of five grown children and two grandkids. Kenneth spent his first 20 years as a young kid and adult growing up in Chicago in the Government Public Housing in Altgeld Gardens his first seven years of life with his single divorced mother and four siblings before his mother purchased a home in the Englewood neighborhood in late 1969. On 56th and Loomis. During Kenneth’s life and experiences, he learned the in’s and out of the Chicago urban life with hard knocks and lots of love from his family and his neighborhood families he grew up living and learning how to deal with various urban life issues, crimes, and sometimes violence.

Kenneth Moore wrote the book Saving African American Community from violence 11yrs ago in an attempt to inform and help change the course of the next generation to be able to redirect the plight of the youth African Americans to an alternative path to curb, and ultimately stop the useless crimes and killings in our communities in Chicago and other states across America.

As we know from the current stories every day the crimes have increased significantly in our nation and now has seemed to have spilled over into all other ethnic groups here in America with mass shootings, killings, carjackings, smash and grab stealing, and shoplifting as well as rioting and social media collusions to embark upon and do mass looting at department stores, etc.

In my opinion, it become a have and have not and we’re going to take what we want even if we don’t need it to, just to gain financial wealth, or just to make a few extra bucks today, with seemly small regard to their own safety and the risk of jail and having to deal with the judicial system and sometimes the prison penal institutions.

In my update revision through my writings and desire are to be able to reach our wayward youth and help right the ship in going forward here in our African American communities and across America as a whole. The Uvalde mass shootings of school kids, and the recent mass shootings and killings of the parade in Highland Park, IL is two of the over 300 mass shootings this year in 2022. When I initially wrote my book 11 years ago, we were nowhere near these types of mass shootings but as I predicted it was only to get worse if things didn’t change, not for only the African American communities, but America as a whole.


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