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MariGold Blooms


Marigold is just your average teenage outcast. Smart, strong-willed, and unapologetically herself. Her father always taught her not to conform to the expectations of the people around her. Especially those of her mother; an L.A. socialite with plans for Marigold’s future, that are far from what sees Marigold for herself.

When her mother forces her to spend the summer at the family beach house, a place filled with memories of a happier time, and a place Marigold is in no rush to return to. Marigold doesn’t think that the summer could get any worse. But contrary to what she expects, she makes some unlikely friendships in Hannah, Jamie, and Connor. As her friendships grow, she starts to spread her wings, but try as she might she cannot break the tether holding her to her past. Will Marigold break free of the image she has long held onto or will she finally break free and become the person she really is?


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