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How Stupid Are We?


  • Author: Cliff Somers
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How Stupid Are We? sets forth a detailed but mercifully short explanation of why and how the far right wealthy have usurped the Republican Party to ensure that their agenda is followed and their power is complete. The book deals with the incredible amount of money spent over more than three decades in this endeavor and shows the methods employed in order to increase the wealth disparity in this country, to disenfranchise the minorities and the working poor, to deny the obvious as to climate change, the dangers of smoking, acid rain, and the ozone hole, for example. It outlines the political tactics used to obstruct the passage of legislation favorable to the lower 99 percent. It discloses how the education system of the country has been invaded and our youth are being indoctrinated with self-destructive beliefs. The doctrine of “supply side” or “trickle down” economics is shown to have been instrumental in misleading and beggaring the lower 99 percent. Somers pulls no punches and works from an obvious passion. The book is pitched to the average literate reader and is not couched in abstruse or technical language.


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