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Daydreams and Nightmares


Cliff Somers was born in Portland Maine a long time ago. He came to Florida with his family not as long ago and finished High School in Gulfport, Florida. He has an English degree and a law degree from the University of Florida.. He spent three years as an enlisted man in the U.S. Army Special Forces and went to Vietnam on a Special Forces “A” team. He also spent four years as an airborne JAG officer during which he spent time as a military judge at Ft. Bragg and 18th Airborne Corps in North Carolina. Thereafter he practiced civil trial law in Tampa, Florida until 2014 when he retired. Since retirement he has written and published the books “How Stupid Are We” and “Is he or isn’t He?; A response to God’s Not Dead”. Somehow, he discovered that he liked writing poetry and has now written the book you are currently seeing.



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