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This book is dedicated for knitting lovers who are interested in making coasters, and got tired from using paper or ceramic based ones. Who wants personalize it, giving soft touch with characteristics and features by own nature, meaningful for a person. There are 15 different shape, color and pattern coasters. They are beautiful in texture and interesting to knit. Coasters were inspired by nature which was captured during my childhood years which helped to outline my knits for the future. My past memories I call it as a treasure, turned out into patterns, which blossoms everywhere and during all seasons even a harsh winter. So why there have images of flowers, trees, tulips in many shapes and etc. There are more abstract ones, decorated by threading the element into a plain coaster. Coasters were designed to protect furniture from damage and also I found the way how to express myself. In order to accomplish coasters, required some skills like knit in a round with double pointed needles and to know to knit basic stitches which serve as essential skills.


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