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Michelle Elphinstone

My Childhood dream was to write a book, but everyday life of raising a family seem to take over. Never did I imagine the heartbreak I would suffer and endure to trigger that childhood long forgotten goal and write a book, more than 50 years later. It took the loss of my soulmate and eldest daughter to finally make that book a reality. This book was my therapy, my refuge, my pathway through grief and a place to capture and keep my precious memories, and one day be able to share Erin’s love with everyone in this wide world.

I have a wonderful family I cherish; they make me feel proud and thankful each and everyday.

Our home is on a picturisque hobby farm in Gembrook, Victoria, Australia,

It’s approximately 60km East of Melbourne’s CBD, nestled in Dandenong Ranges and the Southern end of the Yarra Valley. We reside on our 22-acre property with horses, my two dogs Chester (Golden Retriever) and Cooper (Border Collie), three cats (Cougar, Bo and Cleo), birds plus the local wildlife including wombats, parrots and kookaburra’s.


I enjoy the tranquillity of my garden and riding my horses. My love for American Quarter horses and being able to breed them here on the property is not only rewarding but a great passion I’m pleased I have.


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