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Earnestine Smart

Earnestine Smart, the author of Words of Inspiration from the Power of my Pen gives us another phenomenal set of poems in her book Let My Love Speak To You. Growing up with eight siblings in a small town outside of Florida, she has developed a love for writing as a young child. When she became a caregiver, she shared the poems she wrote and touched many hearts. Some poems were even enjoyed by many through its publishing in a local newspaper but as it is with many poets who have dreamed of putting together their own poetry book, Smart didn’t hesitate to publish, spreading her poetry to perpetuate joy and happiness towards people who read it.


Readers will be treated with kindness and love through each page’s turn and as each page gives its words to the readers, it will also leave you pondering about the meaning of love through you. It will inspire you to let your love speak through your words just like what Earnestine Smart did with hers.


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