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CBN Weekly 2023 Volume 10: Love and Nature, Making New Memories with Julie Houston Rogers’ Colten and the Bullfrog Adventure

Read the CBN Weekly 2023 Volume 10 and witness one of the most talented authors in the world of children’s books.

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The fantastic children’s novel “Colten and the Bullfrog Adventure” teaches young readers about the outdoors, how animals communicate with one another, and the delights of going on adventures in natural settings. Because of the book’s exquisite writing and illustrations, it is destined to become a best-seller not only among young readers but also among their parents. The author, Julie Rogers, clearly has a passion for both writing and children, and it comes through in every sentence of the book. We can’t wait to read what she comes up with next.

The author of “Colten and the Bullfrog Adventure“, Julie Houston Rogers, is a retired fifth-grade teacher who enjoys reading and making up stories about history and science to share with children. “Colten and the Bullfrog Adventure” is her first book. The investigation that goes into her books is a collaborative effort between her and her husband, Doyle Rogers. Their three children have likened the atmosphere in their house, which they share with their Yorkie named Lucy Loo and their cat named Bitsy and which is located in a small town in southwest Georgia, to that of a chaotic and humorous television sitcom.

CBN Weekly 2023 Volume 10
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