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Aloysius Aseervatham

Born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, Aloysius attended Primary Schooling at St. Charles’ School in Jaffna ( 1944 – 1947 ) and Secondary Schooling Up to GCE ‘0’ Level at St. Patrick’s College, Jaffna. ( 1948 – 1954 ) GCE “Advanced Level at St. John’s College, Jaffna. ( 1955 & 1956 )

Aloysius graduated in Mathematics obtaining B.Sc. (London) after studying at Aquinas College, Colombo and Jaffna College ( 1957 – 1959 )

He married Jasmine Stella, the only daughter of the former SPC teacher Joseph Ferdinand in 1964.

Aloysius taught Mathematics and Science first at St.Henry’s College and later at St. Patrick’s College in Jaffna St Lanka: 1959 —1964.


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